Faria & Morouço

“we build trusting relationships with our employees, customers, partners and communities”

Faria & Morouço

Faria & Morouço, SA (also known as FM), was founded in 1978, located at Rua da Relvinha, 4 -Telheiro APT.53, Maceira – Marinha Grande, and operates in the transformation of plastics, specifically plastic extrusion and injection moulding.

The main sectors served by the company are the food/refrigeration, construction/habitat and agriculture sectors. With a stable turnover and financial autonomy of around 80%, FM is a solid company with a strong market presence.

Having begun its operations with only a small injection moulding machine in a garage, the company’s initial purpose was to produce furniture accessories, with a view to meeting the demand of several local furniture factories. Later, having moved into a small warehouse, we started working on profile extrusion, going on to serve the refrigeration industry due to there having been several large factories in the area.

Currently, the company continues to work with injection and extrusion, mainly producing parts that can be applied in industrial and commercial cold stores, construction and agriculture/gardens.

The company, which carries out its operations in a production unit with a covered area measuring ​​3400m2 (with the potential to expand ​​+12,000m2), has the means with which to manufacture technical profiles of any size and varying complexities for a huge diversity of areas and applications. Having built up extensive experience with co-extrusion, we work with various combinations of materials and colours, solving and creating various types of products. Able to inject parts, or even sets of plastic parts, we use both our own and customer moulds in machines weighing up to 500 tons.


Establishing our company as a partner in the production and development of high-quality plastic and other fibre products.


We strive to become a company that operates globally in the transformation of biodegradable materials, basing its operations on quality, technology, innovation and partnerships to create added value for our stakeholders.



building trusting relationships with our employees, customers, partners and communities.


In the know-how and quality of our products


with the aim of creating value in our various areas of operation, investing in transforming raw materials while aiming for decarbonisation.


Proven experience

Over 42 years of experience in the sector (specialised team)

Market recognition

Market recognition and loyal customer base

Financial autonomy

Financial stability and performance (Financial autonomy of over 80%)


Ability to respond to complex challenges/ flexibility in our production processes

Quality Policy

Faria & Morouço’s mission is to satisfy its customers, always underlying the continuous improvement.